Okinawa Hand Serum Fragrance Pearl Water Garden Scent


Hand serum that bursts with pearls and spreads a nice fragrance

A superior version of hand cream with a soft scent and no stickiness. The capsule contains plenty of Okinawan ingredients. The pearls make your skin glossy, so it is recommended for those who want to make their hands look beautiful because they tend to require different care. You can use it not only on your hands but also on your whole body.

▷At times like this

・For care after sunburn or after removing sunscreen

・Use it like a hand cream between work or housework to change your mood.

・Provides plenty of moisture to areas that tend to show signs of age, such as the backs of hands, neck, elbows, knees, and heels.

*[Blessed ingredients of Okinawa]

・Pearl [Pearl (moisturizing/skin conditioning)]

・Coral [coral powder (moisturizing/skin conditioning)]

・Shikwasa [Shikwasa peel oil (moisturizing/skin conditioning)]

・Aloe [Aloe vera leaf extract (moisturizing/skin conditioning)]

・Getomo [Gemini leaf oil (moisturizing/skin conditioning)]

・Sugarcane [Sugarcane juice extract (moisturizing/skin conditioning)]

・Noni [Yaeyama Aoki fruit juice (moisturizing/skin conditioning)]

・Mozuku [Okinawa Mozuku extract (moisturizing/skin conditioning)]


Contents: 45ml